Organic Bites™ is an organic and seasonal restaurant that wants to make a difference. We strive to have our customers feel comfortable in a healthy and fresh environment. We offer an impressive, varied and tasteful menu, of which we are very proud. Many think that organic food is expensive. Our menu challenges this misconception. Located in Miami's Upper East Side on Biscayne and 70th, our main objective is to educate and inform everyone of the reality of the food industry in the US. Organic Bites™ is not only a choice to eat healthier, more flavorful and affordable food, but also as a choice for our customers to take greater care of themselves.
Organic Bites™: Once upon a time all food was organic


Try organic food. Or as your grandmother called it, food



Organic international comfort food

We started thinking about the Organic Bites™ concept in 2008, after finding out thru PETA Organization (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) the kind of treatment that chicken had in the US factory farms. From that time onwards we have searched, studied and concluded, that since the 80’s most of the food in the US is in some way transformed. The inevitable long-term side effects on our health of all these transformations, both genetic and chemical, made us think that we should find a new concept of restaurant focusing on better and healthier choices.
Organic is our solution, by bringing the essence of food, healthy flavors and colors to our customers’ table. We thrive to keep our slogan that states, “once upon a time all food was organic”, by finding and serving in our restaurant products with less or no chemical transformations, or GMO’s. Our concept goes beyond Organic or Vegan because our objective is to please every food lover.


Bringing a pedagogic healthy message

Our main objective is to bring a pedagogic healthy message to the Miami community and to grow organically along time. We are sure that if anyone studies about the reality of the food industry in the US, they will start to be aware of their health and their choices. There is a clear downtrend of the junk food chains, and we believe that the discussion should be turned not so much on how many calories but how many chemicals our food has. We intend to grow, we intend to invest and to defend our concept, that in our opinion will be the future of restaurants for people that care about themselves and especially their children.



Why organic food?

In 2008 we found out thru PETA Organization (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) that chickens in the US are selectively bred, with a process “perfected” to produce the most meat on a bird in the shortest period of time, using the least amount of feed necessary. At six weeks of age, most broiler chickens have difficulties supporting their abnormal body weights. In 1983 the first genetically modified plant was produced using antibiotic resistant tobacco. In 1994 the FDA in the US approved the transgenic FLvr Savr Tomato. Then just followed that most of the biggest worldwide producers of vegetables, fruits and meats, started to use a lots of chemicals to raise their products to look nicer and grow faster.


Believe in eating healthy organic food for a better lifestyle


We asked our chef to develop a menu based in our concept, and he achieved an impressive, varied and tasteful menu, that we are very proud of and that totally fits our concept. There is a common thought that organic food is expensive, our menu demystifies this taboo.

Why choose Us?


Now with Sunday Brunch

Yogurt parfait
Acaí in a bowl with strawberries
Fruit salad
Toasted bread with sides
Eggs and brioche

Why choose Us?

EXCLUSIVE LUNCHA lot of goodness

Lunch & Happy Hour everyday

Organic Soups
The Salads
From the Grill
Hots sides

Why choose Us?

COLD PRESSED JUICESEnjoy liquid freshness

All day everyday

adios coffee
summer breeze
organic detox
green booster
fresh squeezed OJ

Hours of operation:

Sunday-Wednesdays from 9:00am to 6:30pm   /   Thursdays-Saturdays from 9am to 11:00pm



Reservations are not mandatory, but are recommended for larger parties and special occasions.
Please call us at - 786.542.9654 -


Organic Bites™ also offers branded merchandising as well as premium quality food products that will be coming soon.

Organic Bites T-Shirt

100% cotton - Sizes S to XL - Color White

Homemade Peanut Butter

100% organic - $6 each


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The idea is to work with ingredients like they were back in our great-grandparents’ days, before pesticides and chemical fertilizers, when all food was “natural.” The way of the future seems to be moving back toward organic, with more folks adopting a plant-based diet.…[+]

Un nuevo restaurante de comida orgánica, “Organic Bites™”, ha venido a ampliar la oferta culinaria y sana de la ciudad de Miami y ha elegido la parte norte de Biscayne Boulevard para abrir su local, una zona que se está convirtiendo – el Upper East Side- …[+]

Once upon a time, all food was organic. While that may sound like the start of a children's book written by Michelle Obama, it's the motto of Organic Bites™, the new restaurant that opened quietly in the former Taperia Raca space at 7010 Biscayne Blvd. in the MiMo District… [+]

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